Clear Desk Dividers

Clear desk screens for increased protection between tables and desks.

These clear Plexiglass screens are 580mm high and come in a choice of 3 widths; 750, 1200 and 1600mm.

All screens come with 2 universal clamps for fitting on most desks and tables*

The single-sided clamps are ideal for stand-alone desks.

The double sided clamps are for use when desks are face-to face, or for returns (sides of desks) where desks are side-by-side.

The screens provide additional protection against viruses and bacteria passed by coughs, sneezes and tidal breath, but when visibility is still required.

Screens are easily cleaned with a damp soft cloth and light detergent.

* Clamps will fit on most desks/tables where there is an overhang of the table top. For tables/desks where this is not possible please use the Clear Desk Dividers with Wooden Bases.

Turnaround: 10-15 Working Days


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